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Baktériumok monera királyság, Eubacteriophyta


    Haeckel's classification[ edit ] Tree of Life in Generelle Morphologie der Organismen [2] Traditionally the natural world was classified as animal, vegetable, or mineral as in Systema Naturae.

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    After the development of the microscopeattempts were made to fit microscopic organisms into either the plant or animal kingdoms. InAntonie van Leeuwenhoek discovered bacteria and called them "animalcules", baktériumok monera királyság them to the class Vermes of the Animalia.

    Haeckel's Monera included not only bacterial groups of early discovery but also several small eukaryotic organisms; in fact the genus Vibrio is the only bacterial genus explicitly assigned to the phylum, while others are mentioned indirectly, which led Copeland to speculate that Haeckel considered all bacteria to belong to the genus Vibrio, ignoring other bacterial genera.

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    Haeckel does not explicitly assign this baktériumok monera királyság to the Monera. Bacillus — a genus of spore-forming rod-shaped bacteria first described in [12] Haeckel does not explicitly assign this genus to the Monera kingdom. Spirochaeta — thin spiral-shaped bacteria first described in [13] Haeckel does not explicitly assign this genus to the Monera. Spirillum — spiral-shaped bacteria first baktériumok monera királyság in [14] Haeckel does baktériumok monera királyság explicitly assign this genus to the Monera.

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    Subsequent classifications[ edit ] Like Protista, the Monera classification was not fully followed at first and several different ranks were used and located with animals, plants, protists or fungi. Furthermore, Haeckel's classification lacked specificity and was not exhaustive — it in fact covers only a few pages—, consequently a lot of confusion arose even to the point that the Monera did not contain bacterial genera and others according to Huxley.

    The most popular scheme was created in by C. Von Nägeli who classified non-phototrophic Bacteria as the class Schizomycetes. J Bacteriol recognized the Kingdom Monera with two phyla, Myxophyta and Schizomycetae, the latter comprising classes Eubacteriae 3 ordersMyxobacteriae 1 orderand Spirochetae 1 order ; BissetBacteria, 2nd ed.

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    Rise to prominence[ edit ] The term Monera became well established in the 20s and 30s when to rightfully increase the importance of the difference between species with a nucleus and without. InÉdouard Chatton divided all living organisms into two empires Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes: the Kingdom Monera being the sole member of the Prokaryotes empire.

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    The other three kingdoms in his system were the eukaryotic Fungi, Animalia, and Plantae. Whittaker, however, did not believe that all his kingdoms were monophyletic.

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